The studio is now open!

Now OPEN with only 4 reformers at one time, spaced over 10 feet apart,  over 14 foot ceilings  and fresh air. 😃” Your safety, well-being, and results are my biggest concerns! Enjoy top of the line Balanced Body equipment with 20-year pilates teaching veteran owner-operator Rana Kennedy in a private, semi-private, or small class.

We’ve made some important changes for your health and safety.

  • To ensure safety and comfort of being 10 feet apart, 2 reformers have been removed and only 4 remain in the entire space.
  • All students are required to provide their own handles and straps (or just straps) for class. There will be sets available for rent that will be machine washed after each use.
  • Industrial strength disinfecting wipes will be used on the machines, doorknobs, and light switches while I continue to bleach and sanitize the floor space on a regular basis.


Benefits of Pilates Fitness


Muscular strength, balanced with stabilization helps the body perform powerfully under More >>


In Pilates, muscles become strong while stretching in lengthened More >>

Core Strength

Ab development + core strength can flatten your belly and relieve back pain More >>

Weight Loss

Increase your metabolism & cardiovascular health and change from the inside out! More >>


Careful attention to form and alignment to safely increase strength, stabilization and More >>

Injury Prevention

Training develops better movement patterns so they become new mind-body habits More >>

Keep it right, keep it tight

For over 17 great years, Agility Studio has been in a class of its own. Due to the rapid growth of Pilates knock offs, groupon surfing, classes with up to 20 students at once, people considering Pilates training might find themselves confused with which way to go to get the best Pilates class for the money.

Training at a proven studio that safely makes a substantial difference in your body’s strength, appearance, flexibility, and function should be your goal! Agility Studio does just that and more in a friendly warm environment that trains privately as well as up to only 4 clients at a time. This ratio insures that you will benefit the most and class sessions feel like private training at a class rate.

The bottom line is while you are having fun listening to our upbeat music, sweating, breathing hard, and giving it your all, you can rest assured that your trainer has your back and will provide you with safer more effective outcomes!

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Keep the training right

    • Join experienced professionals who know how to push your limits while training you to protect yourself from injury during your workouts as well as your life activities.
    • Agility Studio remains the studio where athletes train and and physical therapists refer to.
  • We use researched Pilates and corrective exercise techniques that can help relieve neck and back pain, assists in post rehabilitation, and train pregnant woman safely until they give birth.

Keep the body tight

    • Our clients bodies improve in strength, appearance, flexibility, and function while lifting the places that sag and sculpting all the fluffy areas.
  • We can change a bu-thigh into a round, perky back side; trade in bingo arms for guns; and Postpartum mommy tummies are our specialty!

No joke! The vibrant and innovative Pilates style termed Pilates Fitness by owner and lead trainer, Rana Kennedy, burns more calories and puts more muscle on your body much faster and more efficiently than other Pilates classes. Pilates fitness combines HIIT, Cardio training, kettle bells, dynamic, and stability training on a progressive basis, which sets it apart from your typical Pilates class.

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Now offering Springs@home virtual training

Hi Pilates friends and family!

I’m thrilled to report that within the chaos of surviving Covid-19, many of you are thriving with my “Springs@home” Pilates-based live virtual classes, private one/one, and semi-private training. A big thank you😇 to those who have reached out. I appreciate your love and support so much and I hope you and your loved ones, young and old, are staying healthy!

The @home program we’ve been doing is a culmination of my decades of experience, plus over a year of R&D to provide an outlet for my clients @ home. When everything changed, I had 12 prototypes to share with my initial groups on a first come first serve basis. This was a perfect time to release what I’d been working on and create an extension of our studio training so you could continue to get great results at home while navigating our new normal!

Here’s how it works

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i am experienced with pilates

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Carlsbad magazine article

A Great Workout As an aging multi-sport athlete I was plagued by overuse injuries until I dedicated myself to 2 pilates workouts per week with Rana. Training with Rana has allowed me to focus on my endurance training while the pilates routines continue to strengthen my core and supporting muscle groups. The combination has kept me injury free for 2 years. The classes are dynamic; always changing with great routines, a great instructor and classmates! I encourage any cyclist or runner logging training miles to consider adding at least one class per week to their training regimen. Not only did I gain health benefits, I made new friends and got to know the lovely Rana Kennedy! Rana is so welcoming and encouraging. She is interested in your life and getting to know who you are – not just getting you fit. She makes coming to the studio an absolute pleasure and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Anyone can find his or her place at the Agility Studio.

James T.

I have been going to Agility Studio for over 4 months and have improved my flexibility, stamina and have lost weight. I started with private instruction but am now going to group classes almost every day. The best part is that group class sizes are 6 or less people. I love the options of spin, yoga and pilates each week. Rana Kennedy, the owner really cares about each client.

David W.

If it weren't for Rana Kennedy and the Agility Studio, I would have had a totally different pregnancy. At 36 weeks, despite the discomforts, I still felt healthy and strong. Rana was able to work my entire body including my pregnancy abs and focused on the areas that were soon to be taxed. She always there with great advice and how to’s from sleep positions and stretching and diet.

Sara S.
6102 Avenida Encinias, Suite E, Carlsbad, CA 92011