Prenatal Pilates

“When a mama is happy, everyone is happy”

Lead prenatal trainer, Rana Kennedy has taught prenatal Pilates since 2007. She is the owner of Agility Studio and innovator of the prenatal Pilates fitness program. She is a DONA trained doula, a prenatal massage, yoga, and Pilates instructor and joyfully teaches a majority of the prenatal training.

Agility Studio is the largest prenatal pilates training facility in San Diego. Finally, a premiere prenatal training program that is fun, dynamic, and can give you what you want out of a workout while changing with you as you and baby grow and change. The prenatal Pilates fitness program is tailored to fit your needs with privates or classes, whether you are a marathon runner, a non exerciser, or a busy professional. It’s always better to get a jump start on your fitness before you get pregnant but many of our clients find us once the bun is in the oven. The first step is to get clearance from your doctor in the form of a note. Always good to get the green light as well as keep your doctor informed on your activities. Staying fit and a healthy weight during your pregnancy can contribute to you and your baby’s health and well-being.

Benefits of Agility Prenatal Pilates Fitness:

  • Increased muscle tone in the legs, back,arms, and deep support muscles of the pelvis and the pelvic floor to assist with labor and postpartum recovery.
  • Better circulation of your blood and lymph to help prevent leg cramps and varicose veins
  • Balanced flexibility with the the ever changing hormones in the muscles, joint, and ligaments. Some places need more stabilizing, and some need to loosen up already!

You can be confident during your prenatal pilates fitness classes that your Agility studio trainer has had additional training with precautions, modifications, as well as best exercise practices for the pregnant woman. We understand the changes you are experiencing through your different trimesters and can adjust exercises to fit your needs as well as prevent and alleviate discomforts.

Postnatal Benefits

  • Strengthens abs correctly so they’re back to where they started and then some!
  • Faster recovery to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Stretching and strengthening of chest and back muscles. Your front can become overly tight with with feedings and diaper changes, while the back can get weak and sore from this very important nurturing position. Both can hurt the same but for different reasons – a little support here can help you look forward to feeding sessions

If it weren't for Rana Kennedy and the Agility Studio, I would have had a totally different pregnancy. At 36 weeks, despite the discomforts, I still felt healthy and strong. Rana was able to work my entire body including my pregnancy abs and focused on the areas that were soon to be taxed. She always there with great advice and how to’s from sleep positions and stretching and diet.

Sara S.

I have to recommend the prenatal Pilates class instructed by Rana Kennedy to any woman who is thinking of becoming pregnant or is pregnant. Being a second time mom I can say that the prenatal Pilates classes helped improve my overall pregnancy and birth experience by 100%. Prenatal Pilates helped strengthen my pelvic floor, maintain a healthy weight gain, strengthen my core muscles need for birth and also provided a positive environment to focus on the health and well-being of myself. Prenatal Pilates training also improved the strength of my back which takes a toll as you get bigger. I’ve never felt stronger in my life and it's incredible to feel that way during pregnancy, at a time when aches and fatigue rule. I had so much energy during my second pregnancy thanks to Prenatal Pilates and my birth experience was 100% faster as well. This was possible because of the great training and advice I received by Rana Kennedy as I was able to protect myself from swelling, excessive weight gain, tearing during birth, excessive fatigue and loss of energy. Prenatal Pilates can provide you so many benefits to you and your baby so you must go see Rana at Agility Studio!

Kathleen C.
6102 Avenida Encinias, Suite E, Carlsbad, CA 92011