Why Do People Wear Compression Socks?

One of my favorite subjects to talk about is…. compression socks! On any given day at the studio you will find me wearing these knee high socks under my Athlesure wear or with shorts. I look like a soccer player or maybe just a person with confused 70’s throwback, summer attire. But, there are very good reasons for it and if you are an athlete who needs to recover quicker, someone who didn’t get enough sleep, anyone
traveling on a plane, someone who stands or sits for long periods of time, and all preggos, read on, because you need to get on some compression socks!!

First I want to tell you a story and then give you the facts. Somewhere in my 8th month of pregnancy after standing for 5-7 hours a day teaching Pilates, yoga and spin, I blew a gasket. Not mentally, physically! OK, that’s not the technical term, according to my doctor, a troubled valve, due to pregnancy, caused a large varicose vein to become permanently damaged. Summer training became painful both physically and visually! After getting treatment that reduced all symptoms, I became a huge fan of compression socks. They helped prevent the vein issues from happening and so much more!

compression socksAccording to Pro Compression, one of my favorite brands, (they have great discounts on their website) the graduated compression promotes efficient circulation and reduces inflammation, allowing your body to recover quickly. The socks gently squeeze fluids away from your extremities, toward your core. In my language that means the socks are doing the work for your heart and bottom line is more immediate energy for you that will put a smile on your face!

Last story…last year on a climb called Pine Mountain in Ojai Ca, day 3 of the Challenged Athlete Foundation ride with a lot of climbing,, me and another rider had dropped the pack. This male rider was infamously known to kill it and be king of the mountain on the climbs during these particular rides. The two of us were neck and neck for 3k feet which was about 10-12 miles. After I smoked him at the top, he said great job and good thing you had on those socks!

For a bit more information about form and function, check out this article on another one of the brands I trust, SLS3, they have awesome performance accessories on their site. One last thing to keep in mind…compression is not created equally. Some socks are much tighter and more graduated than others. So it might be good for you to try before you buy.

Until next time, Keep RIGHT-Keep TIGHT!

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