It Takes Guts to Have a Flat Stomach and Here’s Why…

Picture this…you’re in a Yoga or Pilates class and the trainer asks you to “breathe out and pull your belly all the way to your spine. ”  You’ve been working on your core and you try to “pull in” or “connect navel to spine” or “hollow” or ” draw up the elevator,” but no matter how hard you try you just can’t feel anything but numb or like there’s something in the way.

There is a good chance there IS “stuff” in the way and it could be hindering not only your workout but how you feel in general.

I have been through this time and time again with clients where we are making progress but just … v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y … in the mid-section. Eventually, we must have “the talk”.  This is how it goes…

Me “So, how have you been feeling lately”
Client “Fine”
Me “How has your energy been?”
Client “Fine, well… just ok ”
Me “How do you feel after you eat?”
Client “Funny you should ask,  I often feel tired or I get bloated, nauseous, tight, pain sometimes, gross, I crave caffeine or sugar, etc as soon as I eat!”
Me “Ahha! Are you “going” regularly as in having good poops?”
Client “Uhhh, I think so but what is good?”

…and the conversation just got real!

OK, so, no matter who you are, down deep, this matters and for some is one of the most important things to celebrate. Like clapping for your toddlers first-time in the big person potty type of celebratory moment!

Some of my most beautiful and successful female clients “go” 1x per week. Now…as most of you know, there are many perspectives on whats healthy. I was trained as a colon hydro-therapist and am very passionate about the digestive system especially as it relates to a flatter stomach, food metabolism, better energy, and just feeling good! The big difference is that I am not a gastroenterologist and many statements I subscribe to have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

So…where does this leave you? I can only tell you what works for me and that many of my clients report fantastic results by making a few changes to how not only their plumbing works but also the assimilation of their food.

Heres the skinny:
If your regular bowel habits seem slow to you and you are experiencing many food-related side effects (such as gas, bloating, and fatigue) after eating, you may want to make some minor changes to help your system.

My first stop is my natural practitioner that can help rule out food allergies or even an M.D. to make sure nothing serious like fibroids, gallstones, ulcers etc are the problem. If you are told you are fine and it’s probably stress related, not a bad idea to support your digestive system a little on your own and see if that helps.

The holidays can be a time of getting off of your routine, sleeping less, eating more and just about everything more under the indulgent category. In my case, the first thing that goes out the window is my digestion – the time it takes for my food to move through the stomach on down the line.

If I have had too much wine, too little sleep, and too much coffee, sugar, and mystery hors-d’oeuvres, I can find my system on slow motion and I need to be aware and make better choices…so here is what I do:

I start my day with WATER, I pop a powerhouse probiotic (usually a higher dose than is sold in the grocery store) drink my coffee or tea, and get my morning going cooking and organizing for the day. Somewhere in there sit on the toilet and loose yesterdays meals with a good B.M. (bowel movement), take my fiber, eat some breakfast, shower, get my kid to school and me to work on most days. Then I have #2 B.M. in the afternoon!

According to my favorite digestive health company, Advanced Naturals, probiotics can “help restore digestive balance and discomfort, promote regularity, help replace Bifidobacteria lost with age, support immune health, and help re-establish digestive balance.” Digestive enzymes taken before you eat can” help break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, soothe and calm sensitive stomachs, reduce digestive discomfort, relieve occasional gas, bloating, indigestion, enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, and support a strong protective intestinal barrier!*


So, in a nutshell, what works for me and many others may or may not work for you but it’s worth looking into. The links I am providing are for your information only. The actress and her doctor in the video are most definitely on the sell for their product. I love Advanced Naturals and provide discounts to my clients because I know the quality and love the way it makes me feel!

Ultimately I want everyone to love core-work and experience what it really feels like to compress your abdominals against the pelvis and spine. I’ll be doing a little study myself with a handful of clients including before and afters as well as testimonials to report in the new year, so be sure to check back!

Cheers to Better B.M.s and Pulling In!!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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