Welcome to the Agility Studio Pilates Blog

Welcome to the new Agility Studio  Pilates Blog! This blog is for anyone who is  interested in staying healthy and fit with Pilates.

I’m Rana Kennedy, owner of Agility Studio in Carlsbad. I specialize in Pilates, health, and fitness, prenatal pilates.

I have a successful history of helping strengthening people’s bodies through pilates fitness, including yoga, and spin. My passion is working with athletes, cyclists, and those recovering from injury but one of the most rewarding is helping moms be their best while going through the many changes they experience during  and after pregnancy. I’m an athlete, but I was also an older mom and for the most part unprepared. I approached pregnancy like many of us, questioning everything good and bad for me and my baby, searching for the answers to what kind of birth I wanted, and basically not really being prepared for life taking its own path. My son was born c-section with a double nuchal cord  wrapped twice around his neck. With all of my high hopes for natural birth, nothing could change the fact that my son was stressed with a heart rate of 60 beats per minute (low can be considered 90 beats per minute) and meconium present. For months I blamed the midwife for things I thought she should have done (I shouldda had a doula!),  my husband for sleeping during my contractions etc., I thought I was going to push that baby out no problem and be strolling down the street the next day! Now we laugh out loud, it didn’t happen that way.

prenatal pilatesThe best part of this story is that I became fired up after Dylan was born to help and support women during their pregnancy with Pilates, yoga, and fitness and set out to learn everything I could on prenatal everything.

I trained with Stacey Scarborough of Beautiful Beginnings to become a Doula, I took prenatal Pilates, yoga, and massage training classes. I went to stroller strides clinics for trainers, studied the research, and purchased every book I could find on prenatal health and fitness. I love, love, LOVE to talk baby and hear women’s stories about birth, child development, and of course mommy development as well.To date I have had the pleasure of working with over 85 pregnant clients. Currently I have multiple prenatal friendly classes and teach private sessions as well.

As the main editor of Agility Prenatal Pilates blog, I will focus on wellness of the whole body physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I will be highlighting local, wellness-minded doctors in North County San Diego as well as other practitioners that will contribute useful information. You will find answers to the many questions I’m asked on a daily basis including information on do’s and don’ts with exercise, nutrition, and keeping your body strong and healthy through athletic training as well as pregnancy and beyond.

Thanks for checking it out and please follow along (by signing up on the side bar) for future  posts that will support your goals for being fit and health-minded.

Best of Health!
Rana Kennedy

6102 Avenida Encinias, Suite E, Carlsbad, CA 92011